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I gave away 40,000 copies of FRY last week!

12 Jan



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Hi everyone,

Ever thought of trying out Bookbub? Well, last week I had my first promo with them, and gave away over 40,000 copies of FRY in the US alone! The promo was also picked up by some big sites who’ve featured FRY before; Digital Books Today and eReader News Today, but Bookbub definitely accounts for a large chunk of those downloads.

Prior to this promo, I had left Amazon KDP and experimented with making my book available on other sites such as Smashwords for a few months, but in the end the pull of Amazon proved too much, so I decided to go back to an exclusive agreement with them. I had to wait a couple of months for the other sites to take down my book, but after that I was ready to go. I applied for a Bookbub promo, not really expecting it to be granted, because I’ve heard from a lot of authors that Bookbub turn most books down. Then to my surprise, FRY got the nod, and from there it was plain sailing. I think the fact that I hadn’t done a promo since the end of May probably helped my download numbers too, especially as the book sites don’t like to feature books which are available for free too often. In the end, FRY reached number 16 on the free chart, and might possibly have gone higher, if the top of the charts weren’t dominated by one author, Beth Moore. Moore’s popular spiritual books were all available for free at once, and the cross promotional effect seemed powerful, making it difficult for any other author to reach higher than about number 14. An interesting strategy!

All the same, I can’t quibble about 40,000 downloads! If you were in any doubt about how effective Bookbub is, I think my experience shows that it does the job! I am certainly raking in the reviews as a result, and seeing an increase in sales too.

Have you done a Bookbub promo? I’d love to know how it went. 


Self Publish Bible’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

2 Jan

Happy New Year!

Self Publish Bible is one year old today (ahh!)


It’s a good job I’m not the superstitious type because the rain is lashing against the windows and the river is rising (again.) We spent much of Christmas in darkness, so I’m just hoping the power will hold out while I write this. I have always loved making New Year’s Resolutions. Not sure why really, except I really, really love to plan. After a good long think, I’ve boiled it down to the following, (besides keeping dry of course. That goes without saying.)

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My Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2013 was a paltry 10 books. I met my target, but I’m sure I could read more. (And no, I’m not counting all those bedtime stories about farmyard animals that my daughter makes me read every night.) Before I had my children, I probably read a book a week, but as a full-time mum, I just don’t have much free time, especially as I need time to write. This year, I’ve set a goal of 15 books, with the intention that it will keep going up. I am including audiobooks in my total, as I hope this help me to access books I otherwise wouldn’t get to.

Write faster

In 2014, I hope to get quicker and more efficient at writing. I want to make a better use of my time by banning the internet, and perhaps even using a timer to keep me tied to my desk while I write. I am also hoping to find more time to write once my son starts school in September, and my daughter goes part-time at nursery. The real trick will be not to use too much of that time up on household tasks. It’s amazing how much time you can fritter away on a few chores. The good news is that I do seem to be getting quicker. I took years to write FRY. My second book, May Queen Killers is due to come out in May and should take 14 months total.I just hope that my speed will continue to improve with experience.

Write better

I intend to read at least one on book on writing/editing skills this year. If possible, I’d love to attend a writing workshop. It’s great fun to get together with other writers and you always pick up something new.

Don’t waste too much time on social media

This is not to say that I’m giving it up altogether, but now that I’ve been at it a little while, I’m starting to see what works for me. I like to blog, but not too often. Really only when I’ve got something to say, or an occasional book review or author interview. I update my Facebook author page whenever I blog, but probably not more than that. The same goes for LinkedIn and Google plus. My favourite place is definitely Twitter. In addition to meeting other authors, I have found readers through Twitter and more importantly, reviewers. At first, I was a bit retweet happy, but these days, I am careful not to bombard my followers with too many messages and I just pop on for a few minutes here and there. Of course, I am a bit more active when I’m running a promotion.

Have you made any resolutions for 2014?

I’d love to hear what they are! Until next time, stay dry, folks!

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