The path to prolificacy

26 Aug


Apologies friends, I haven’t been around the blogosphere much lately; I’ve been writing. I’ve always wanted to be a prolific writer. My first idol was Enid Blyton, who wrote around 600 books. 600 good books, or so I thought when I was six or seven and reading as many of them as I could get hold of. Now, you might think my ambition to be prolific is ironic, considering that it took me over ten years to write my first novel, FRY. But in the years I spent writing, or not writing FRY, I had many, many more ideas which I am dying to get down on paper.

Now that I’ve written my first novel, I no longer suffer from writer’s block, or laziness or procrastination, or self doubt, or whatever the hell it was holding me back all those years. Now, my main obstacle is time, because I have two small toddlers to look after and they leave little time for anything else.

Luckily, I am now a lot more organised with my time, and when I sit down to write, that’s what I do, I write. I am now 40,000 words into the first draft of my second novel, May Queen Killers and I have set myself a goal of adding 10,000 words a week, most weeks. Working at my current pace, that’s around 10 hours a week. I write mostly in the evenings, plus a few hours on a Monday morning, when both kids are in nursery. And I hope to get faster, the more I write.

My current method is to sit at my computer and just hammer out the words. I have a rough outline, so I know where I’m going, but I don’t look back and I don’t edit. Not yet. Once I’ve got the whole thing down, I will then begin the editing process. I’m not sure how long this part will take me as I have nothing to compare with. FRY was pretty clean once it was finished. I had taken time over each chapter, and my main task was to cut out errors and make sure it all hung together right. All the same, it went through quite a few edits and proofreads prior to publication. 

May Queen Killers is due to be published in May 2014, and if I keep going at the rate I’m going at the moment, it should be ready ahead of time and I’ll be able to begin work on my next project before it comes out. Wouldn’t that be nice?  

Do you set yourself word count targets for your work? If so, are you getting any faster? 


4 Responses to “The path to prolificacy”

  1. rami ungar the writer August 26, 2013 at 10:13 pm #

    I’m certainly finishing and editing my novels much faster. It took me two years to write Reborn City and another two to finish editing it. Now I’ve written nineteen chapters for two books, and I should have both done by May next year at the very latest. I’ve certainly gotten faster, and with the many ideas I have, I doubt I’ll run out of ideas anytime soon.

    • Lorna Dounaeva August 27, 2013 at 7:44 am #

      Wow, that’s good going, Rami. I’m hoping to put out multiple books next year too. Fingers crossed…

  2. Lorna's Voice September 2, 2013 at 5:37 pm #

    I go in fits and spurts. For my second book, I have target word count of 100,000. I’ve written about 63,000 (first draft, a bit of editing along the way). But this blogging thing really distracts me. Since I rely on my blog as my only real marketing outlet, I kind of have to keep a steady presence here. I hope to have my novel out early next year. I have to. I can’t stand malingerers!

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