Book review: Beaird Glover’s Syd and Marcy – If you like Quentin Tarantino, this one’s for you!

25 Mar

SaM cover final

‘Some people have to die. Other people have to kill them. That’s how it is.’

Syd and Marcy gives the reader insight into the minds of serial killers who struggle to distinguish between reality and fiction. This is an incredibly dark novel about disturbed, downtrodden people who have should never be in the possession of guns. The book contains graphic scenes of sex, drugs and violence but it also addresses some of the underlying causes. Whilst I didn’t quite feel sympathetic to the main characters, I felt sorry that their pasts had lead them to such twisted situations. Beaird Glover has a sophisticated narrative voice. This is not violence for violence sake, but a journey into the depths of deranged minds.



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